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Master Trainers (BMT)

Master Trainers(BMT)

All your trainings will be done by the BollyBeats Master Trainers® (BMT) who have extensive knowledge about the program and vast experience in the Dance fitness industry.

Rohit Saud

Creator, BMT

Known for his creative Bollywood choreographies, his passion towards dance and fitness is inspirational.


Cofounder, BMT

Along with dance & fitness expertise karthik brings in strategic and technical expertise to BollyBeats.

Mahesh Katta

BMT, Hyderabad

This talented instructor made his mark in the dance fitness industry with his simple and unique choreographies.



Kero from Thailand has 16 years of experience for fitness industry . He is a GFIT master trainer from FIT Thailand and also AFAA GFI master instructor

Alistair Fernandez

BMT, Mumbai

This one is one heck of a fireball. Known for his infectious energy and enthusiasm , that serves as an inspiration to many.

Shruti Deshpande

BMT, Pune

Coming out of a mundane corporate lifestyle, Shruti found her calling as a BollyBeats® instructor.